Responsible play

It is a wish that our game players have some fun to play our game. This should be treated as part of entertainment and not adversely affect your finances or lifestyle. Our game rules say that no one under 21 years old would purchase a ticket or charge one of the prizes. If you are under 21 right away please exit this site we are committed to encourage players to be responsible and responsible we are responsible organization. . 

Tips for keeping the fun of gambling

  • Play for entertainment. As with all forms of entertainment, there are costs to do. The more you play, the more you bear the burden. .
  • Play within your means. Set budget and stick to it. Stop playing if you exceed that limit.
  • Please spend money you can afford. I will not spend much to regain loss.
  • It keeps balance in your life. Please do not bet or be pressurized or affected by others. Bet must be your own choice.

Signs of gambling addiction

  • It is more affordable, or planned, to spend more time and money on gambling.
  • I will borrow money for gambling.
  • Things for necessities such as food and rent gambling with money.
  • Ignoring important responsibilities such as work to gambling, school and family.
  • I will lay down about the degree of gambling.
  • Try the back of money and chase losses to get.
  • I will increase arguments with friends and family, especially concerning money issues.
  • We will increase debt owing to gambling.
  • I feel emptiness and loss when I am not gambling.
  • , Stop control, or reduce gambling, trying to do or do something difficult, hypersensitivity
  • Think about getting under control to have your gambling soon "big victory".
  • Always talk about thinking and gambling.

Remember that if your performance affects your family lifestyle and finances, your loved ones will fall too much. You yourself and your loved one should not be a victim of gambling.